Invitation to support APDW 2020

Invitation to support APDW 2020

Dear Biomedical Industry Leaders,

Malaysia is proud to be given the honour and privilege to host the Asian Pacific Digestive Week 2020 (APDW 2020) in Kuala Lumpur from 7 to 10 December 2020. This conference will be organised by the Malaysian Society of Gastroenterology and Hepatology and the theme is “Vision of Excellence in Digestive Disorders & Sciences”.

This meeting will highlight the cutting edge research related to digestive health. The past several years have shown tremendous improvement in both clinical aspects and research approaches related to digestive health. With recent advancement in the technology, massive data are available for the use of clinicians and researchers.  However, screening for early detection and prediction of clinical outcomes in digestive disorders remain challenging tasks for the fraternity. Precision medicine is the way to go in the coming decade as the next generation sequencing approach is available and the price is affordable in this part of the world. The future of research in digestive health research encompasses artificial intelligence in order to transform healthcare especially chronic diseases related to digestive system. We are seeing that the technology provides an opportunity for everyone to monitor his  own personal healthcare. This is a result of the fourth industrial revolution. In this era, the public expect to detect diseases at an early stage by combining technologies. This meeting will be the platform to highlight the combination of preventive medicine, prognostication and precision medicine in the galaxy of digestive disorders and sciences in the Asia- Pacific region.

The APDW is reputable meeting  focusing solely in the field of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, GI Endoscopy and GI Surgery not only in the Asia-Pacific region but throughout the world. The uniqueness of the research in this multi racial country and the challenges faced by clinicians, surgeons and scientists over here will attract delegates from all over the world.  Iit is estimated approximately 3,500 delegates will attend this meeting. The faculty of speakers and delegates normally acknowledges a meeting like this would play a role in driving collaborative research efforts between disciplines.

The APDW 2020 will not be possible without your support and participation. The APDW 2020 will provide an ideal platform for you to:

Be part of the only premier conference in the region for Gastroenterology, Hepatology, GI Endoscopy and GI Surgery. Reach out to the gastroenterologists, hepatologists, GI endoscopists and surgeons including the key opinion leaders in the region.

  • Be part of the exhibition to promote and market your innovations, technologies or services.
  • Use this opportunity to position your business within the Asia-Pacific Region.
  • Network with various business professionals from different countries, meet new prospects and strengthen business relationships.
  • Share your expertise with a wide audience of  medical professionals.
  • Launch your products and services and establish your corporate presence in the region.
  • Know your competitors and update developments within the global and local industry.

We cordially invite you to come and join us for the conference. Your support and contribution will be very much appreciated.

Professor Dr Raja Affendi Raja Ali 
President, APDW 2020

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