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Super Minimal Invasive Surgery and Minimal Invasive Surgery

Super Minimal Invasive Surgery and Minimal Invasive Surgery

21 Aug 2021 14:00 14:25
(25 mins)
Enqiang Linghu Speaker
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Human organ reconstruction that accomplishes the creation of organs that are the same as those we are born with seems far from possible. Remove lesions and retaining organs without inducing additional discomfort are the highest expectation of disease treatment method . It is better not to break the normal structure or affect survival. Both traditional open surgery and minimally invasive surgery (MIS) could not keep the integrity of organs while resect the lesions. MIS failed to change the treatment method, namely, “resect not only lesions but also partial or complete selected organ” has not been changed. Therefore, super minimally invasive surgery (SMIS) was initially reported by Linghu in 2016. SMIS is believed to achieve a therapeutic effect similar to that of surgical treatment without damaging organ structure and function. SMIS is defined as “curing the disease while preserving the integrity of human organ anatomy”. SMIS aims at curing diseases without damaging organ structure and function and affecting normal survival time and postoperative quality of life.


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