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The Future of Capsule Endoscopy

The Future of Capsule Endoscopy

22 Aug 2021 14:06 14:18
(12 mins)
Shutian Zhang Speaker
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Capsule endoscopy(CE) is an established modality in the diagnostic algorithm of small intestinal disease. Now it is increasingly used to study the esophagus and colon as well as the small intestine. With the advancement of capsule endoscopy technology, in the detection of colon polyps and colorectal cancer, the diagnosis rate of colon capsule endoscopy has increased significantly. In patients with incomplete colonoscopy, it also has role in completing the evaluation of colonic diseases. Magnetically controlled capsule endoscopy (MCE) has emerged as a feasible and efficient diagnostic modality for gastric diseases. The diagnostic accuracy of MCE in gastric diseases is high. Compared with traditional gastroscopy, it has more advantages. The shortcomings of MCE can be improved with the development of science and technology, and it can be used for the initial screening of gastric diseases.

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