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Communication Skills (Part 1)

Communication Skills (Part 1)

22 Aug 2021 12:00 12:45
(45 mins)
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A positive patient-provider relationship is key for both improved outcomes and patient-provider satisfaction. This is especially true when working with patients with Disorders of Gut Brain Interaction, where diagnosis and treatment can be challenging. For this presentation, Dr. Drossman provides tips and tricks to facilitate a better clinical interview and the illustrate the power of good communication. Then he utilizes a variety of patient scenario videos to show how to handle particularly challenging clinical encounters such as a patient requesting unnecessary testing, a patient who refuse a recommended treatment of a neuromodulator, and how to explain the role of stress and trauma on these symptoms. Each video is then discussed with panel experts, Lin Chang, MD, Max Schmulson, MD and Jan Tack, MD, PhD.

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