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Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal Cancer

22 Aug 2021 12:54 13:06
(12 mins)
Toh Han-Chong Speaker
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This is an exciting time in the treatment of colorectal cancer as we emerge into a post-chemotherapy era even at a time of improved chemotherapy-plus outcomes for patients (eg : FOLFOXIRI + bevacozumab). The targeting of BRAF mutation, HER2/neu oncogene and NTRK form a latest generation of targeted therapy with compelling clinical data. Immune checkpoint inhibitors are now an established treatment of MMR deficient (MMRd) colorectal cancer and compelling clinical signal is also seen in MMR proficient (MMRp) patients with combination immune checkpoint inhibition. The current landscape of systemic therapy for colorectal cancer has impactfully improved survival outcomes for patients especially over the last 20 years.

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