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Gut Brain Physiology - Neurotransmitters and the Microbiome

Gut Brain Physiology - Neurotransmitters and the Microbiome

21 Aug 2021 14:00 14:12
(12 mins)
Jan Tack Speaker
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This symposium consists of three lectures, all given by members of the Rome Foundation Board of Directors. The first talk given by Jan Tack, MD, PhD on Gut-Brain Physiology: Neurotransmitters and the Microbiome. The second talk is given by Lin Chang, MD on Gut-Brain Aspects of Symptom Generation and Management. Finally, this information is then applied to address the clinical relevance using the Multi-Dimensional Clinical Profile (MDCP) patient case presentation. With this case, Dr. Drossman discusses how the dysregulation of the brain-gut pathways can drive symptom severity in DGBI, how to diagnose and treat patient with this presentation, using the biopsychosocial approach to clinical management.

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