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HCV Elimination in Special Population

HCV Elimination in Special Population

21 Aug 2021 10:56 11:08
- Supported by Viatris (12 mins)
Jessica Howell Speaker
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Chronic hepatitis C infection affects an estimated 71 million people worldwide and is the direct cause of more than 300,000 deaths annually. The WHO has therefore set elimination targets to achieve a 90% reduction in incident infections and 65% reduction in mortality by 2030, however no WHO region is currently on track to achieve these targets by 2030. Modelling has shown that treatment of special populations with high hepatitis C transmission risk, particularly people who inject drugs, is imperative to achieve WHO targets by 2030. In this talk, I will highlight data supporting targetting scale-up of testing and treatment of people who inject drugs and describe community-based rapid diagnostic test-led models of care that have proven effective in reaching special populations to achieve WHO 2030 elimination treatment targets in the Asia-Pacific region.

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