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Lynch Syndrome in Asia: What Have We Missed

Lynch Syndrome in Asia: What Have We Missed

20 Aug 2021 17:14 17:30
(16 mins)
Finlay Macrae Speaker
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Lynch Syndrome in Aisia: What have we missed?
The talk will address missed opportunities, misdiagnoses, missing information, missing biology, and missing clinical management
*Experience of Lynch Syndrome in Asia: missed opportunities?
*The Weber* Lynch Syndrome Index: what are we missing?
*Hide and Seek: Missed steps between CRC diagnosis and genetic testing
*Missed Lynch Syndrome through limitation of current guidelines for screening for Lynch Syndrome
*Variable penetrance of the same MMR mutation across different families: missing modifiers?
*Suboptimal techniques for testing for MMR deficiency: misdiagnosis
*Non MMR genes responsible for MMR deficient tumours: missing the mark?
*Functional assays or other means to classify VUSs: missing the biology
*Aspirin chemoprevention: missing in action
*Genetic counsellors: missing in Asia

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