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Setting Up a Centre for Robotic Upper GI Surgery

Setting Up a Centre for Robotic Upper GI Surgery

20 Aug 2021 15:36 15:48
(12 mins)
Gijs van Boxel Speaker
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Robotic Upper GI surgery is still in its relative infancy compared to colorectal and urological surgery. Relatively few centres have established oncological or benign robotic UGI practices. In the UK, robotic oeosphagectomy is performed by a hand full of centres and routine benign practice is even rarer.
In Portsmouth, we have set up a robotic UGI service performing both cancer resections and performing routine elective and emergency UGI work. We are currently the largest centre in the UK in terms of operative numbers in robotic UGI. Our regular access has allowed us to develop a day case robotic fundoplication service with excellent results. Our robotic cohort has reduced pain POD1 and equivalent functional outcomes compared to laparoscopic fundoplication. Furthermore, our routine benign robotic work has reflected in shortening the learning curve for our robotic cancer resections and allowed us to host and International Course in Robotic UGI Surgery as well as appoint a RCS-approved senior clinical fellow in robotic UGI

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