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Esophageal Manometry – Chicago Classification 4.0

Esophageal Manometry – Chicago Classification 4.0

19 Aug 2021 13:35 13:50
John Pandolfino Speaker
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Chicago Classification v4.0 (CCv4.0) is the updated classification scheme for esophageal motility disorders using metrics from high-resolution manometry (HRM). The key updates in this crash course on CCv.4.0 revolve around a more rigorous and expansive protocol that incorporates different positions and provocative testing, a refined definition of esophago-gastric junction (EGJ) outflow obstruction (EGJOO), an increased threshold for the diagnosis of ineffective esophageal motility and inclusion of a description of baseline EGJ metrics. The most important change in this newest version was focused on defining motility disorder diagnoses as conclusive and inconclusive based on associated symptoms, the use of provocative testing and corroborating supportive testing with barium esophagram with tablet and/or functional lumen imaging probe. These changes attempt to minimize some of the confusion and over-diagnosis of major motor disorders seen with version 3.0 and the minimal protocol and reliance on IRP alone.

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