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Surveillance in FIT Based Programs

Surveillance in FIT Based Programs

19 Aug 2021 10:40 11:00
(20 mins)
Chiu Han-Mo Speaker
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FIT is currently the most popular modality that used in population colorectal cancer (CRC) screening programs. FIT positive subjects have 20-fold and 4 to 5-fold risk of having CRC and advanced adenoma therefore it can specifically select people who require colonoscopy. Its effectiveness in reducing CRC mortality has been demonstrated in several cohort studies.
The surveillance recommendation after colonoscopy in FIT screening program is, however, inconsistent among different guidelines.

In this presentation, the following issues will be addressed:
1. Introduction of current post-colonoscopy or post-polypectomy surveillance guidelines
2. Evidence gap regarding surveillance in FIT screening program
3. Potential application of FIT after negative colonoscopy or polypectomy

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