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Tim Vanuytsel

Tim Vanuytsel

Tim Vanuytsel
Prof. Dr. Tim Vanuytsel graduated summa cum laude in 2007 from Leuven University Medical School. He obtained a PhD degree in biomedical sciences in 2014 with a thesis on the role and mechanisms of intestinal permeability in functional gastrointestinal disorders. During his PhD training, he worked as a researcher in the lab of Prof. Terez Shea-Donohue at the University of Maryland, Baltimore (USA) in 2011. Prof. Vanuytsel qualified as a gastroenterologist in 2015 and currently holds a position as a consultant gastroenterologist in Leuven University Hospitals with a clinical focus on patients with intestinal failure, small bowel and multivisceral transplantation and functional gastrointestinal disorders. He is the medical director of the Leuven Intestinal Failure and Transplantation center (LIFT). Prof. Vanuytsel’s research interest lies in the pathophysiology and treatment of functional gastrointestinal disorders and intestinal failure. He has published >50 original research articles and reviews in international peer-reviewed journals on both clinical and basic science aspects of gastroenterology. He is the editor of Acta Gastroenterologica Belgica.

21 August 2021

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