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Tomonori Yano Jichi Medical UniversityJapan

Tomonori Yano Jichi Medical UniversityJapan

Tomonori Yano
Dr. Tomonori Yano graduated from Jichi Medical University of medicine in 1996. He has been working with Dr. Yamamoto, who is the inventor of the double-balloon endoscopy since 2001. After that, Dr. Yano created the world-famous cartoon about DBE, which most doctors learning DBE have ever seen it. In 2011, he was awarded Ph.D. for “Endoscopic classification and long-term outcome of small intestinal vascular lesions”. He was awarded ASGE Video Plenary Award 2015 and ESGE Innovation of the Year Award 2020 for a novel method named “Gel immersion endoscopy" using gel to secure the visual field during endoscopy. He is especially interested in endoscopic diagnosis and treatment for obscure GI bleeding, Peutz-Jeghers syndrome, and Crohn’s disease. Nowadays, his team performs more than 400 DBE procedures per year, so he has long experience of diagnostic and therapeutic DBE including ERCP for patients with altered gastrointestinal anatomy.
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