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Shuji Shimizu Kyushu UniversityJapan

Shuji Shimizu Kyushu UniversityJapan

Shuji Shimizu
Dr Shuji Shimizu, M.D. Ph.D. is a general surgeon, majoring in digestive and endoscopic surgery. He is now Vice President of Kyushu University for international affairs, and Executive Research Director of Kyushu University Institute for Asian and Oceanian Studies, Fukuoka, Japan. He served as Chairman and Professor of the Department of International Medical Department as well as Director of the Telemedicine Development Centre of Asia in Kyushu University Hospital until March 2021. In 2002, he started telemedicine in a big industry-government-academia project between Japan and Korea, which soon expanded into Asia and beyond with collaboration of 1129 academic institutions in 77 countries organizing 1352 remote medical education programs. He also invited 526 young doctors and technical staff from 42 countries around the world for medical and engineering training as Director of Overseas Exchange Center.
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