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APDW 2021 Video Abstract Submission Information

APDW 2021 Video Abstract Submission Information

APDW 2021 Video Abstract Submission Information

APDW video abstract is intended to showcase interesting and challenging gastrointestinal endoscopic procedures. The main aim is to demonstrate advanced or innovative techniques in handling endoscopic cases and/or complications. All aspects in the field of GI therapeutic endoscopy are accepted.

All submissions will be given peer-review process and evaluated according to the content and audio-visual quality. The accepted video abstracts will be made available on the website for on-demand viewing. English language shall be used in all the recorded narration in the video. The submission deadline for the video abstract is 23rd May 2021. The result of the 6 best video abstracts will be announced on 8th June 2021.

General Submission Information:

  1. Video abstract submission includes a 300-word abstract (synopsis) and a video file which is no longer than 8 minutes in duration.
  2. The video file can be created using the voice recording over power point slides. The endoscopic video can be embedded into the power point slides and the final production can be exported in the video format as required.
  3. As a general guide, the abstract (synopsis) and the video should both include case title, disclosures, background, case descriptions, endoscopic methods used, clinical implications, lessons learned and conclusions.
  4. While there is no limit to the video file size, all video must be 8 minutes or less. Videos that are longer than 8 minutes in duration will be automatically rejected.
  5. The videos must be oriented towards physician education rather than patient education.
  6. Both abstract and video entries should not contain any identifiable person (including the author), institution name or logo and patient identification information.
  7. Patient privacy must be protected at all times.
  8. Do not include any copyrighted materials.
  9. Video must be formatted in either MP4 or AVI format with frame rate of at least 30 frames per second.
  10. You must register for the APDW 2021 for your accepted video abstracts to be made available on the website for general on-demand viewing. The 6 best video abstracts will receive educational grants that will cover the registration.
  11. At the present stage, video abstract submission will not be published in APDW official journal.

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